​​​Matt Taylor Music COmposer And SouNd Designer

Super Audio Brains Ltd is a provider of audio services to the Video Games, TV and Movie industries. We work on projects providing music composition, sound design and effects, audio implementation and production services.

Super Audio Brains Ltd was launched in 2014 by experienced audio expert Matt Taylor (pictured) after spending 7 years working in the professional audio and AV installation industry designing, tech supporting and programming professional audio systems. Super Audio Brains Ltd came into being because of a desire to provide a more professional service to all individuals and companies large and small whatever their project and needs may be. We take on projects of any size, from one man bands, up to big budget projects and everyone gets a service that's tailored to their needs. We aim to satisfy!

Specialising in composing video games music and providing and programming video game sound effects, we pride ourselves in the quality of our output. Have a listen to some of the material on our showreel page and let us know what you think. A video games music is at least as crucial to the effectiveness of the game as any other element, and a lot of the time it is a marker for the quality of the game as a whole. We consistently try and push this marker ever higher in each project we take on. Video game sound effects allow the player to immerse themselves in the gaming experience and coupled with the games music the audio experience can be a moving one. For instance the rush we have all had of wanting desperately to play a game for the first time having just viewed the trailer, owes a huge amount to the audio and music in that trailer. The "rush" and the feeling is what we achieve in every project. This is not status quo audio and music!   

We believe great audio and music is more than just another element of any media production. We believe it is essential to delivering the intended audience experience. Audio is as much an art as a science and music is as much a science as an art. We apply this motto in all our work across all fields and in all activities as it is the thread that runs through our company and we believe it is essential to understand this to be able to deliver the best music and audio for any project.   

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