• Phil France - Promise Of Love 20175:35
  • Brains - Wolves 20174:29
  • Blue Box Jam - Provider 20153:47
  • Merovingian - From Midday To Morning 20072:28
  • Elysian - You Got It 20052:41
  • Raiders Of Rock n' Roll - She's The Wrong Devil 20052:43

​​​Matt Taylor

Welcome to Super Audio Brains music production website. I provide music production services to production companies, record companies, musicians and recording artists.

I've been producing music for 15 years alongside working as a sound engineer away from music. I've been a professional sound engineer since 2006 and along with my experience in music production and video game music I have a wealth of experience to share. I began producing music at university where I achieved a first class degree in Audio and Music Technology in Cambridge. Since then I have worked on a variety of music projects and on the right hand side of this page is a selection of the music I have produced, from pre-production through to finished masters.  

I'm particularly interested in indie artists, and because of my stable career in sound engineering I have been lucky enough to be able to pick and choose projects and dedicate lots of time and effort into the ones that catch my ear. If you are a musician reading this then whatever you do make sure you work with producers who have a genuine love for what you are doing as it's the only way of creating something really great and lasting! 

I like to take a longer term approach to music production and do a lot of pre-production before any recording is done. It's essential that everyone in a project is going in the same direction to achieve the desired result. To this end, I often charge a per song rate rather than an hourly or daily rate. Once I get working on a project I really want it to be as successful as the artist, so if it takes a long time to get it perfect then so be it, but at least you won't be out of pocket with a half mixed song or rushed mix, or no mix at all. I should point out that this is not a compromise on any deadlines. My entire professional life runs around deadlines and I never miss them. 

Enough of the babbling, judge me against my peers on the examples of my work on the right, because it's this end product that matters most. 

Thanks for visiting and having a listen....